Monday, July 30, 2012

The Lavender Traitors

I have been thinking of making a genetic lavender Grendel breed that hates other Grendels, so I finally attempted to do so using Genetics Lab. Also, I got bored of breeding Young Grendels.

This is Batty, my Vampyre Grendel I injected with tons of chemical 14. Because the very simple genetic breed I created hates Grendels, I exported him.

I used the Eggernator to make an egg from the genetic file I edited. This is exciting for me, since I have never made anything for the Creatures games.

Oops. I must have made a mistake with the pigment genes. Oh, well. At least I can test her to see if everything else is right.

I hatched a male Astro Norn to see how she would react to it. They get along perfectly, but the Norn turned out to be ill almost immediately after hatching. I took him to the medical bay, put him in the pod, and he had high levels of carbon monoxide, along with a little antigen 2. After that, I tried to use the Hoverdock on him, but was greeted with an unpleasant surprise...

The Hoverdock wasn't working right, but that wasn't all that was going on in my world. The elevators in the Norn Terrarium weren't working at all! Wondering what caused this, I exited, made a new world, and made another Lavender Traitor egg with the Eggernator. Turns out it wasn't my breed. I still wonder what did that, though. I think tomorrow I'll make a new world and keep a close eye on it.

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