Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Using C3 Stand Alone

Because of technical problems that are 100% my fault, I will be using C3 stand alone for a while. I kind of missed the music that plays during births and deaths, anyway. I'm also going to use very few agents.

Update: Everything's fine now.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Lavender Traitors

I have been thinking of making a genetic lavender Grendel breed that hates other Grendels, so I finally attempted to do so using Genetics Lab. Also, I got bored of breeding Young Grendels.

This is Batty, my Vampyre Grendel I injected with tons of chemical 14. Because the very simple genetic breed I created hates Grendels, I exported him.

I used the Eggernator to make an egg from the genetic file I edited. This is exciting for me, since I have never made anything for the Creatures games.

Oops. I must have made a mistake with the pigment genes. Oh, well. At least I can test her to see if everything else is right.

I hatched a male Astro Norn to see how she would react to it. They get along perfectly, but the Norn turned out to be ill almost immediately after hatching. I took him to the medical bay, put him in the pod, and he had high levels of carbon monoxide, along with a little antigen 2. After that, I tried to use the Hoverdock on him, but was greeted with an unpleasant surprise...

The Hoverdock wasn't working right, but that wasn't all that was going on in my world. The elevators in the Norn Terrarium weren't working at all! Wondering what caused this, I exited, made a new world, and made another Lavender Traitor egg with the Eggernator. Turns out it wasn't my breed. I still wonder what did that, though. I think tomorrow I'll make a new world and keep a close eye on it.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Starship I Found

I'm about to put the egg in the incubator. Let's see what comes out...

An ordinary looking female. She was exported, like usual. From now on, just assume all of Grenda and Grendo's offspring are exported unless I say otherwise. Now, I'd like you to meet someone...

This is my Gaia, GAIA. As you can see, she's very friendly. Now, back to the Grendels (and Norns, if I feel like posting about them.)

Grendo and Grenda have been trying to eat elevators lately. But that's not the only problem I'm having. Behold, Grendo's awful (and potentially dangerous) advice!

I wish there was a way to punish creatures for the advice they give.

Wow, twins! And here they are...

Unlike all but three of their siblings, I'm naming them before exporting them. Their names are now Cat and Dog. While I was seeing to my Norn's needs, Grenda became pregnant again and laid an egg.Wait, it got big and I can't move it. I think it's hatching. A male came out.

Butters was standing still. I said "what" and he said "eat self." I spanked him. He is hungry for protein, is surrounded by apples, but isn't eating. He just tried to eat himself again. Alright, Butters. You are going to eat fruit and you are going to like it!

Don't worry, I'm not sending him out the airlock. I'm too attached to him, anyway. When a creature of mine won't eat, I'll put them in an airlock with nothing but fruit, food, or seeds. It normally works. Butters is fine now, but he seems to sleep a lot. I checked him with the Hoverdock, and he doesn't seem to have sleep toxin.

It seems that Grenda got pregnant again. The baby turned out to be male.

Yep, more dangerous advice. This time courtesy of Butters and Bubba. Turns out Grenda is pregnant with twins again. This time, a female and a male. I named them Hilda and Hilbert.

Looks like Butters is old now. Bubbles wandered off to the bridge, but I brought him back.

Grendo is old now as well, yet Grenda isn't. I think that the female Young Grendels produce life when they breed. I was considering splicing Grenda and Grendo, but it turns out Grendo was able to get Grenda pregnant. Also, Butters seems to need a lot of encouragement to do anything other than rest and sleep. He only seems to be getting worse. On the bright side, Grendo and Grenda have managed to have another child (probably because I abused the Hoverdock.) Well, I'll end this post here because nothing interesting seems to be happening.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Starship I Found

Yes, that really is the name of the world I will be posting about tonight. Some of these events were written as they happened.

First of all, I'd like you to know I use the door hiders on all doors leading to and from the Grendel Jungle. The only creatures I'd dream of allowing in that nasty place would be either immortal or toxic. For that reason, I have a Grendel Home Smell in the Norn Terrarium and the Norn Meso. I also have Ettin Home Smells in those places.

I'd like you to meet the Grendels I am focusing on breeding.

The male is Grendo and the female is Grenda. Instead of regular Grendels, they are Young Grendels from the Universe of Ettins, so Grenda and her female decedents won't get old when they breed. Both came from the egg layer. At the time this picture was taken, they've had three sons and a daughter together. Also, Grenda is the very Grendel on my new CC.com avatar.

Here are Butters and Bubba. I mainly keep them around to get my Grendels used to the idea of living peacefully with Norns. Thanks to the Gay Norn patch, I don't have to worry about extra Norns, and they don't have to worry about being without a mate. All three of us are very happy with it.

For some reason, Bubba is homesick. I see no reason why he should be, unless he considers the Norn Meso to be his home or the Bubble Norns are homesick under different circumstances and I forgot.

I wonder if the Hoverdock needs a vacation...

Shortly after abusing the Hoverdock, I heard a kisspop and noticed a pregnancy icon. Grenda has gotten pregnant for the fifth time. I scrambled to take pictures (I used the Updated Creatures History, and I feel the need to have a picture in for as many events as possible.) I do the same for when the egg is laid. Then it hatches (I didn't use the incubator because I wanted decent pictures for the Creature history of the child and it's parents, and it hatched before I got the chance to put it in.)

I export him so I can eventually give him and a few of his siblings an IQ test (I'm trying to breed intelligent Grendels.) 

Grenda and Grendo sure are friendly right now. Just as I am about to talk Grenda into playing with a toy, she and Grendo kisspop and she becomes pregnant. I hope the offspring is female this time.

For some reason, I like being able to take pictures of creatures while they are still in eggs. Speaking of eggs, I put the one pictured into the incubator and...

It's a female! Hooray! Like her siblings, she is exported. Unfortunately, Grendo and Grenda still hit Norns once in a while. Just as I typed that last sentence, Grenda became pregnant again! She laid the egg and I put it in the incubator. Another female that you can probably guess what I did with. I'm not posting a picture of her because I really don't want to go overboard. Actually, the picture above is the last picture for this post unless someone dies.

Another pregnancy for Grenda. I take my usual pictures and drop the egg into the incubator. The baby Grendel comes out and I am pleasantly surprised. I know that I said in the last sentence of the previous paragraph that there wouldn't be anymore images for this post unless someone dies, but I must post this.

I have exported the baby Grendel and look forward to possibly breeding her. I don't know how common pigment mutations are in second generation creatures, but I am happy with it. And Grenda got pregnant again. She laid her egg and a male hatched from it. Well, it's around 12:30 AM where I'm at, so I guess I should end here. I'll keep playing for a little longer tonight, and anything notable that happens will be mentioned in the next post.


Hello, CC.com!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hello. Last night I made a very stupid mistake involving the Docking Stations bootstrap folder. Since I was too embarrassed to ask for help and am not very knowledgeable when it comes to that sort of thing, I ended up uninstalling Docking Station, deleting the Docking Station folder, and then reinstalling Docking Station. I feel dumb for not exporting my creatures. For the majority of tonight, I will be downloading stuff all over again and setting up my worlds.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Hello everyone. Welcome to my new blog. It will be about Creatures (the series of artificial life games.) Before we begin, I want to say a few things. First of all, unlike many members of the Creatures community that you may know, I didn't discover Creatures until 2005 (around six years after Docking Station was released.) Second of all, I don't make any breeds, cobs, agents, or metarooms. However, I may eventually  make genetic breeds.

On this poorly written and poorly customized blog, I plan on posting things about my worlds and breeding experiments. However, if I am fixated on something other than Creatures, I may not update for a while.